Renewable Food for Animals & Plants™

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Enterra Feed Corporation creates sustainable animal feed ingredients and concentrated natural fertilizer for food production – we call it Renewable Food for Animals and Plants™.

More than 30% of the world’s food supply is wasted and sent to landfills or composting facilities instead of reaching the consumer, a considerable loss of valuable nutrients. At the same time, the rising global demand for high quality nutrient sources such as fish and poultry places increased pressure on food supply and production costs.

The company’s patent-pending bioconversion process increases global nutrient supply and simultaneously reduces the growing pressure on landfills. Enterra’s process uses a local beneficial insect to recover nutrients from recycled food waste sourced from grocery stores and food distributors, and recycles the nutrients into sustainable animal feed ingredients and a natural fertilizer used for soil conditioning.

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Creating Healthy Food for a Healthier World

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