Insect Farming

Nature’s Nutrient Renewal Expert


The black soldier fly (BSF), or Hermetia illucens, is a local beneficial insect that can be found all over North America and around the world. The adult black soldier fly does not eat, sting or bite — which means it’s not a pest or a vector for disease. All it does as an adult is mate and reproduce. The females lay eggs that hatch into larvae which naturally feed on decaying organic matter.

BSF larvae are voracious eaters as they need to store enough energy to sustain the entire adult stage of their lifecycle. At Enterra, we feed pre-consumer waste food to BSF larvae under controlled conditions. These indigenous insects then do what comes naturally – they rapidly transform the waste nutrients into protein and fat. After a 14-day feeding cycle, the larvae are harvested and processed into sustainable animal feed ingredients. The larvae also produce an organic natural fertilizer that is rich in nutrients and beneficial microbes.

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