Enterra solves two major problems: food waste and nutrient shortage. Learn about how we’re tackling these issues head on to secure the future of the world’s food supply.

The Facts of Food Waste

Food Facts


So much of the food we grow is thrown out before it even reaches our kitchen table. All along the supply chain, food is wasted due to spoilage, overproduction, grading and quality control. There are so many valuable nutrients in that food, nutrients that are left unutilized when dumped in a landfill or a compost heap.

The Cost of Food Production

Traditional protein sources in animal feed include fishmeal and soybean meal. Fishmeal is made up of small marine fish that are caught in the wild, an unsustainable practice that is being threatened by overfishing. Soybeans require an intensive use of land, water and resources to grow. With food production expected to increase 70% by the year 2050, feed manufacturers around the world are searching for new and sustainable alternatives to these ingredients at stable prices.Fishmeal

Let’s Close the Loop on Food Waste

This is where Enterra comes in. Instead of letting the valuable nutrients in discarded food go to waste, let’s upcycle those nutrients back into the food chain as a sustainable protein source. Follow the path of nutrients as it makes its way from the farmer to the market, into Enterra’s nutrient recovery system and right back to the farmer to grow more food.

Closing the Loop